Happy summer, friends! Yes, you read that headline right — Engadget is already thinking about the approaching semester. To get ahead of the game, we’re thrilled to debut our 2020 back-to-school buying guide. Like the rest of 2020 so far, the start of the fall semester is shaping up to be unprecedented — and not for the greatest reasons. Many will not be returning to campus at the end of August or right after Labor Day, but classes will begin and students will be expected to get into the academic mindset nonetheless. That’s challenging under normal circumstances, but it’ll be even more difficult this year.

We want to help college and university students everywhere by making sure they’re fully equipped to start the academic year off right — and that includes having the information they need to make smart buying decisions. The product recommendations in this year’s guide cover tangible items like laptops and streaming devices as well as digital tools like personal budgeting software and organization apps.

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