A backlink (often referred to as an incoming link) occurs when another
person puts a link to your site from theirs. Basically backlinks are all
about getting traffic to your website which any webmaster will agree is
a very important part of achieving success.

Fact: search engine optimization is very important and you need to
keep it in mind as you are creating your website.

It actually works like this, you build a website, incorporating the right
structure and keywords so that your site is search engine optimized. If you use
the right SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, and when someone
went to the search engine to look for something that your business
offers, you will come up on the first few pages of the search engine results.
And if it is in the first page, then this is the best place for you to be.

While structure and keywords are important to keep in mind as you
create and add to your website, the most important factor of good SEO
for the rest of your website’s life is adding and maintaining backlinks.

Because search engines use backlinks to rate how worthwhile or
valuable your site is the more sites that you have linking to your site, the
better you will look to the search engines. The end result is that you
move up in rank.

While the quantity of the backlinks contributes to your ranking, it is also
important to make sure that you maintain high backlink quality as well.
Try to avoid having backlinks from sites that have nothing to do with
your site. Also, it is better to have backlinks coming from other highly
ranked sites (as long as they are related to yours).

There are many ways to go about building backlinks. You can hire a
service to do it for you, just make sure that you do the research to
insure that you will be getting enough high quality links for what you
spend. You can also do this yourself. It is quite time consuming and can
be frustrating, but it is crucial to the ranking of your site.

If you decide to do your link-building yourself, you can manually
request others to link to you, you can submit your site manually to the
most reputable directories, you can submit articles that link back to your
site to the many article directories, and you can participate in forums
and other social media platforms so that people are constantly clicking
on your link.