There are a number of SEO techniques that should be applied to have your website make the climb to the top of the results and rankings. However these techniques will not be successful if used on their own. In order to get the traffic from searches driven to your website, you need to use these techniques in unison. Focusing more on one over the other could have your site marked as a spam site and in turn, have it bounced from being shown in any search results.

All of the search engine optimization techniques break down into two main categories, the first is known as on-page optimization, and the other is off-page optimization. Both methods are extremely important to the success of your campaign. Let us break down the two different techniques.

First up we have the on-page optimization, and it is exactly as it sounds, methods and steps that are to be applied directly to your website or blog to make it more search engine friendly. On-page techniques are the first steps in the optimization process when you are building your new website. On-site optimization starts when you are choosing the websites name and identity. SEO begins with the first choice for a website, your domain name, which can play a very important role in your strategy. Also of equal importance is creating meta-tags which are added to the websites code and contain information it, such as the sites description related keywords and its title. On-page SEO also entails optimizing the content heading, site content, optimizing the site for page loading speed, choosing and utilizing the correct keywords, building a site design structure and more. Keep in mind that the on-site SEO techniques do not actually direct search traffic to your website, what it does is make it easier for the search engines web crawlers to categorize and index your site a lot faster and to help the web crawlers to find what the website is about and correctly place it.

Opposite the on-site SEO is off-site SEO. The off-site optimization are all the methods that are applied outside of your website. These off-site tactics help to increase the traffic to the site, increase its rank as well as the visibility in the search engines. When these measures are implemented they will either have a direct or indirect impact on the website’s traffic and the ranking in the results. Off-site SEO optimization could make use of various third-party tools or websites such as directories, social networking sites and blog sites that will help build links to the website and improve traffic. Some off-site optimization techniques include link building, which refers to creating links off-site that lead directly back to your website. Off-site optimization also includes promoting the site through press releases, article sites, and more. Off-page SEO is to be applied after the on-site techniques and add the content to your site.

Both the on-site and off-site SEO optimization techniques are very important to consider while you are optimizing your site. For example, you can use Facebook to set up a business page and use that page to promote your website and drive traffic to it.

Source by Matthew W Diehl