CEO and co-founder Yves Guillemot reiterated that the moves were vital to put an end to “toxic behaviors” and help Ubisoft “improve and strengthen” its culture. He maintained that the misconduct was in stark opposition to values that he “never compromised — and never will.”

These additional departures come just days after a slew of allegations surfaced against numerous employees across Ubisoft’s offices. The accusations ranged from sexual harassment and intimidation through to abuse, racism and retaliation. Some of the accusers added that HR and management would disregard complaints, making it possible for staff to continue misconduct.

The unusual weekend timing likely isn’t coincidental. The executive resignations were announced just before Ubisoft’s Forward showcase, which takes place today (July 12th) at 3PM ET. In theory, this addresses the core issues plaguing Ubisoft and lets it focus more on upcoming games rather than internal turmoil.

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