Wednesday’s weird Twitter attack is still quite a mystery, but we can catch you up on some new details quickly:

Twitter believes the attackers targeted about 130 accounts but hasn’t confirmed if they accessed ‘non-public’ data, like DMs.

The FBI is investigating.

Whoever was behind it may have trouble hiding what they do with the profits.

So far, the most specific report about what may have happened has come from security journalist Brian Krebs. He laid out posts that popped up days ahead of the attack on a gray market forum for people who trade in social media accounts, and he even identified a 21-year-old as a possible ‘pivotal’ figure in the attack.

— Richard

Lenovo’s new budget AMD gaming laptops start at $660

You’ll have to wait until August for some of the more powerful options.


If you need a new gaming PC and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, these Lenovo laptops might be what you’re looking for. They have AMD’s Ryzen CPUs inside and you can configure them to include powerful NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPUs. The cheapest model starts at $660, while a Legion 5 with AMD Ryzen 7 4800 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU is available now for $760.

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Leica’s 41-megapixel M10-R rangefinder is made for landscape photography

Yes, it’s expensive.


Meet Leica’s highest-resolution model yet, the $8,295 full-frame, 40.9-megapixel M10-R. Unlike past models, it has more potential for landscape or city photography requiring maximum detail. Steve Dent went on a photo tour to see what those extra pixels can do.

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Microsoft discontinues the Xbox One X and plugs xCloud into Game Pass

The Xbox One S All-Digital is getting the ax, too.


Before Microsoft reveals more information about the Xbox Series X, it has some news to break about current generation consoles and cloud gaming. First, its ending production of two consoles: the top of the line Xbox One X, and its cheapest box, the discless Xbox One S All-Digital edition. With the Xbox Series X on the way (and rumors of a cheaper “Xbox Series X” console to go along with it), that provides some extra room in the lineup. Meanwhile, any gamers who want to pick one up can likely expect to see them still on shelves for the next few months.

The other big Xbox news concerned Project xCloud, as Microsoft revealed that starting in September, its Xbox Game Pass subscription will include the cloud gaming setup for no extra charge.

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