Buy Apple Watch 44mm on Best Buy – $330

Apple typically keeps one new generation of the Apple Watch and one older version on the market at the same time. The Series 5 — when not on sale — starts at $400 while the Series 3 starts at just $200. If the latest features aren’t a must-have, then the decision is usually a no-brainer. But with the Series 5 starting at $300, it may be worth it to invest in the newest model. Giving the Apple Watch Series 5 a score of 88, Engadget appreciated the Series 5’s small but important updates, such as international calling, a surprisingly useful compass and an always-on screen. The Series 5 also has all of the improvements that came with the Series 4, such as an EEG monitor, which the cheaper Series 3 does not. With the watch currently at the lowest price we’ve seen, now may be the time for curious tech nerds and fitness junkies to strap one on.

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