When one’s awareness can be in the second, it can also go into the past and focus on the future. This is anything that is likely to consider place for most men and women on the earth and it could also be described as usual.

At instances, a single will want to replicate on the past to remind them of anything or to get in contact with a time in their everyday living when they felt very good. Just as there will be times when ones thinks about how their everyday living may possibly be in the future.

And as prolonged a single will not place also significantly awareness on the past or the future and is in a position to focus on the current second, there shouldn’t be a problem. It is only when a single puts also significantly of their awareness on what took place or what may possibly occur that they will start off to turn out to be out of equilibrium.


If a single is in equilibrium, it is heading to mean that they are in a position to live in the second as opposed to currently being caught up in the past or the future. This is not to say that there will never be times when a single wants to focus on the past or the future as there could be instances when they require to.

One may possibly feel about how they would like their everyday living to be or what they want to reach, and they finish up leaving the current second. Or a single could search back again on a time in their everyday living when they went on holiday getaway or they feel about how they felt when they experienced realized anything in the past.

Other Causes

Contemplating about the future is also a way for a single to make programs and to come to a decision what they will do tomorrow or subsequent 7 days. If this failed to consider place, they could uncover that they agree to do matters when they have currently agreed to do anything, and their everyday living may possibly not alter as they have not created any programs or created any goals.

Searching into the past can also be important if a single is participating in any kind of healing or self development. What they uncover out as a result of hunting back again is then a very important section of them currently being in a position to move ahead.


So to go ahead or back again is heading to be needed at instances, but if this is a way of everyday living, it is obviously heading to develop issues. This could then be a indicator that a single is staying away from what is having place, and this could relate to what is taking place externally and/or internally.

Perhaps a single is residing in an atmosphere that is dysfunctional or they may possibly have professional some kind of reduction. Focusing on how their everyday living utilized to be or how it may possibly be in the future is then a way for them to control how they sense.

Section of Lifestyle

And as reduction is section of everyday living and there are heading to be times when one’s current second is not how they want it to be, it is to be predicted that there will be instances when a single leaves the current second. If this gets to be a way of everyday living, it could mean that a single wants to search for some kind of help.

But as instances passes, a single could before long settle down and it must be achievable for them to be current once much more. They may possibly even require to alter their atmosphere if where they live or perform is influencing their wellbeing.

Present day World

However, in today’s earth, it is a good deal less difficult for anyone to go away the current second. And this due to the fact technology is normally as significantly a section of someone’s everyday living as air is to their lungs. One extended wants to sit down to use a pc or to search at a big monitor to use the world-wide-web they only require to search at their phone.

One of the most significant good reasons why men and women use the world-wide-web is to use social media. This presents them to the chance to link with other individuals and to share matters with their ‘friends’. However, what they see on these websites and what they share will not generally replicate reality.

A Photograph

What is witnessed on social media could be in comparison to a photograph, in as significantly as it is simply just a picture and not the experience alone. But this is not the entire real truth as what a single sees on social media may possibly not replicate reality.

And when a single appears to be like at a picture or watches a movie that they have created, they are heading to be reminded of how they felt throughout that second. However, when a picture or a movie will remind them, it will never be as very good as the true matter.


So as a result of acquiring the require to capture what a single is heading at a specific point in their everyday living, and this could be as a result of having shots and/or filming, a single is no extended embracing the current second. They are then no extended going through reality, they are observing it.

The require to share ones experiences with other individuals on social media then stops them from currently being in a position to embrace the experience. What took place has been captured and can be appeared at at any second, but a single will have dropped the most important matter – the experience alone.

Social Media

It would then be effortless to say that the best tactic would be for a single to extended consider shots or to film matters this way, a single would be in a position to enjoy the experience. But this is anything that has taken place for decades, and prolonged right before social media was even invented.

What is different is that it is less difficult than at any time right before to capture what is having place in any provided second, and this require is normally increased when a single works by using social media. Exhibiting other individuals could be a way for them to allow other men and women know what they are undertaking or it could be to develop a specific graphic.


This is not to say that a single must no extended consider shots of movies matters, but what it does illustrate is how a single can pass up out on what is having when they are caught up in undertaking everything they can to share their experience with other individuals. Upon reflection, a single may possibly come to a decision to place much more awareness on currently being current or they may possibly not.