We already said that you shouldn’t buy Intel’s i5-10400 CPU due to locked 2666MHz or 2933MHz frequencies. The challenge was to test it with tighter timings, so we did that to the extreme.

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This benchmark features the Intel i5-10400 CPU with timings and frequencies tuned all the way down the stack. Frequencies included 2666MHz, 2933MHz, 3200MHz, 4000MHz, and timings all the way down to 10-10-10-22 182 tRFC and more. Most of the timings were tuned, not just the primary timings, and we’ll be sure to notate them (to the best of our ability) as soon as / if we find time to get around to an article for this one. Critically, we spent the same amount of time tuning the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU memory timings and Intel i5-10600K memory timings, with some additional tweaks for the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X. It’s absolutely useless to call for “tuning” the 10400 — an already extremely limited CPU — while pretending that all the unlocked CPUs can’t do the same, or better, with equivalent time invested. So that’s what we did — we set a time budget of one work day per CPU, then pushed it as far as we could without changing any bench components (other than, as needed, RAM to the best kit). Memory frequency really matters, as do timings, but the story is about both together with the balance of CPU frequency and cache ratio.

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00:00 – Recapping the Debate

02:54 – Tuning the i5-10400 vs. AMD R5 3600

04:00 – Not Just Primary Timings

05:02 – Hitman 2 i5-10400 Memory Timings & Frequency Comparison

08:12 – F1 2019 Memory Timings & Frequency R5 3600 vs. 10400, 3300X

10:56 – GTA V i5-10400 CPU Review Benchmarks with RAM Tuning

12:35 – Worse Starting Positions

13:52 – Cache Ratio Frametime Issue with Unstable OC Example

15:00 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider 10400, 3600, 3300X

15:53 – Three Kingdoms Campaign Benchmarks

17:00 – Conclusion

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Testing, Test Lead, Editorial: Steve Burke

Additional Testing: Patrick Lathan

Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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