Published on May 11, 2020

AMD and motherboard makers share the blame for what led to unprecedented backlash against the Ryzen product line, and we’re here to find a balance between the outrage and AMD’s defense.

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AMD can’t let one launch go without snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. In speaking with sources familiar with the matter, the company was aware of the backlash that would be caused by the lack of B450 Zen 3 support, and so wanted to tell people ahead of the Zen 3 launch so that the backlash didn’t overshadow the next product. AMD is trying to give people to digest the bad news and to learn that it misleads constantly in its marketing, and so it pushed the B450 & B550 news alongside a relatively successful CPU. We’re trying to tell the story of both sides, here: We start with why AMD’s marketing needs to grow up and mature, and why it needs to stop flinging its own waste at Intel at every press event, but we also talk about some of the customer support and customer experience concerns relating to multiple branches of BIOS and mixed CPU support. AMD definitely screwed up, but through all of the smoke screen of BS, there is a lot of validity to its statements. The BIOS limit is a real one that has reaching concerns for customer support if branched. Learn more in the video.


00:00 – Recapping the B450 Outrage

04:18 – AMD’s History of Incompetent Marketing

09:15 – MSI Lying About Support

11:15 – AMD Defenses

15:16 – Motherboard Manufacturers Didn’t Trust AMD at Launch

17:20 – 32MB ROMs are Special-Order Parts

20:00 – “Just Drop Older CPUs for Zen 3” & RMA Hell

21:15 – “Just Make 2 BIOS Branches”

22:34 – Customer Experience Outside the US

24:00 – Intel Has Reasons for What It Does & AMD is Learning

26:00 – AMD Knew B450 Controversy Would Be Bad, But…

27:25 – Time for AMD to Grow Up

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Host: Steve Burke

Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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