Then things really got wild. Players teleported back and forth between the map and an office location, where the view switched to first person. There were several folders on the desk with a “Top Secret” label on them. When players finally returned to the island, they were surrounded by that huge water barrier. Moments later, they were back on the battle bus and could drop into a small area to duke it out with others.

Epic noted beforehand that the event would have a limited capacity, which of course it hit. Some players reported problems when they tried to launch any games from the Epic Games Store, which might have been a result of the event’s popularity. Those who couldn’t make it into the game for the Device had to watch livestreams instead, and plenty of folks did just that.

Epic Games (via Slayy on Twitch)

At one point, more than 2.3 million people were checking it out on Twitch alone. That’d shatter the record for concurrent viewers for any game on Twitch. On its beta launch day, Valorant got close to beating the then-record holder, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship (1.74 million). As for YouTube? The concurrent viewership figure was more like 6.1 million.

The event left some things up in the air, such as what other changes are in store for the game and the map — The Agency was destroyed during the event, for one thing. We’ll find out more in a couple of days, as the next season is set to start on Wednesday. Don’t forget your snorkel.

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