Amazon is making Fire TV a lot more useful for live TV streaming with direct integration of Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV and Sling TV, the company announced. Those subscription-based apps were already available on Fire TV devices, but it was a challenge to find programs as they weren’t well integrated. However, they’ll soon appear on Fire TV’s live TV discovery features, including the Live Tab, On Now rows and multi-app channel guide with Alexa functionality.

In a video, Amazon showed how it’ll become straightforward to see what’s on and select the show you want, across multiple apps. You’ll be able to access any show through the “Recent” section of the home page, or go directly to the “Live” page and select “TV apps with subscription” or go to the live TV channel guide. From there, you’ll see a classic TV channel and program grid and will be able to select a show or add it to your favorites.

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