I adore the Atahualpa theme and use it for all of my WordPress websites. One of the terrific matters about using WordPress for your web-site is the extensive variety of themes accessible for you to opt for from. There are themes to match almost any subject – and new kinds are remaining made all the time.

On the other hand, most of these themes have constrained options for customisation. Your web-site will finish up wanting equivalent to a person else’s. You will not get that distinctive and personalised design and style that your web-site warrants.

Just before I located the Atahualpa theme I experienced experimented with dozens of other themes only to get discouraged due to the fact I could not get any of them to appear the way I needed them as well. I regarded paying for a license for some of the top quality themes, but that would not seriously resolve the difficulty – the design and style of my web-site nevertheless would not be distinctive.

Then I located what is now my favourite theme. I can not bear in mind how or when I located it, but I fell in adore with it straight away due to the fact of the extensive sum of options accessible for customisation.

I’m not a coder – I can cope with the occasional bold tag or href tag to make back links, but that’s about it. The joy of this theme is that, whilst some of the options do require coding, the creator gives you beneficial hints to set you in the suitable way.

What can you customise? The limited reply is “anything”. I commonly operate from the top down. You can design and style your own header graphic and add a person or extra – the Atahualpa theme has a constructed-in header rotating perform if you want to use it. You can have an spot above the header graphic (or beneath it) for your enterprise symbol, RSS and reviews feed and a lookup box. You can type this spot to mix into the outer qualifications or you can give it a type of its own and make it stand out.

You can opt for in which to place the page and or classification menus and type their strains and shades. You can make the top amount connection clickable, or make it non-clickable consequently forcing your audience to opt for from a fall-down menu.

You can have a stable colour for the off-page qualifications or, if you favor one thing extra jazzy, you can add your own impression.

The web-site width is fully below your manage. You can use a fluid width which adjusts to the width of your reader’s monitor, or you can use a fixed width of your selection.

Shifting on to the sidebars you can have from to 4 sidebars. You can opt for which web pages every of the sidebars is exhibited on – terrific if you want a person set of widgets on some web pages and another set of widgets on other web pages – and it’s possible no sidebars at all on a profits or down load page.

The design and style of the widgets is completely customisable. Opt for to mix them into the qualifications or make them stand out. You have manage above the colors, strains and spacing.

You can seriously enable your creativity run wild with all the options for styling the centre column – qualifications shades, strains, kicker and header styles, opt for how your subsequent and preceding navigation looks – I can not listing all the centre options – you can expect to be listed here all day looking through this post.

Inside of the theme you can also choose whether to screen whole posts or extracts on the front page – and have manage above the duration of extracts exhibited.